The Jody Joseph Band, once known as Jody Joseph and the Average Joes, is a rock band from Monmouth County, NJ. The band brings an eclectic mix of blues, classic rock and contemporary sounds to the stage and have electrified rooms up and down the east coast. The band's most recent album, "Heartstrings", was released in April of 2017 in celebration of Jody's non-profit (also "Heartstrings") becoming a 501-C3. All of the proceeds were donated to the organization. 


The band is made up of Monmouth County talent that is almost too hot to touch. Nicky Ryan Piescor (lead guitar/vocals), Owen Flanagan (drums), Matthew "Fern" Fernicola (rhythm guitar & bass), Johnna (Jo) Marie (background vocals), and Joey Henderson (lead singer of The Burns) (keys and vocals)