"Jody Joseph has not only developed my son’s singing- she has transformed him into a happier, confident and secure teenager!"-Lane R.

"Jody is an amazing vocal instructor. Jody and her team of instructors not only improve my daughter’s vocal ability but their love and devotion to my daughter and all of their students improves her self esteem. Jody has single handedly made my daughter a true performer. I couldn’t be happier than I am, sending my daughter to Jody, Nick and Johnna."

-Nicole T. (see video below)

"I first heard about Jody Joseph back in 2014, through a coworker who’s niece was attending her vocal classes. We made an appointment to her studio and had an instant connection. I have been driving my daughter Victoria to New Jersey from Staten Island ever since, not only for lessons, but also as part of the Revelation Band Jody started for the Lutheran Church. Jody has been a driving force, a mentor and life coach for my daughter for the past four years. She has truly inspired Victoria to build confidence and a connection with her musical style and her audience. Victoria went from a shy girl with a voice, to a true musician, singer and songwriter with Jody’s guidance and expertise. Victoria will be attending Wagner College in the Fall as a Musical Theater major thanks to the love of performing Jody has instilled in her. Jody Joseph is a compassionate woman with a heart of gold, continuously fundraising for wonderful causes. She’s a musician who continues to grow and mold her students into blossoming talents, as well as, confident stage performers.

- Author LJ Amodeo"

Jody is an amazing vocal Teacher. I enjoy lessons with her because she makes the time feel special and mixes in humor with the instructions. Jody helps me understand the meaningfulness of techniques in vocals. Without her I would definitely not be the singer I am today. Love, Maria D.”

…”To see what Jody was all about, she invited us to see her and her students perform at a restaurant down the shore. It was the first time I saw anyone my age singing in an actual venue or in front of people outside of school.  That night led me to becoming one of Jody’s students. What I loved about our sessions was that it wasn’t what you would think a typical vocal lesson was. Yes, we did vocal exercises and learned control, but Jody made me feel comfortable and connected to every song I sang. She wanted me to understand the meaning behind each song, relate it to my life, and let the emotion guide my performances so nothing was forced or fake.  Throughout my entire time with Jody, she made me feel proud of my voice and my opinion as well as my ideas, whether it was on or off the stage.  Thanks to her, I got to live on my dream as a mini rock star and more than anything, gave me something to use for my future within the music business." 

-Eva B (former student; currently signed to Syracuse University Record Label)

Jody and her team of instructors Nick & Johnna are truly Amazing. They not only have helped my daughter with her vocals but have given her more confidence with her stage presence. You can see how their dedication to every individual has helped each student shine in their performances. Could not be happier to be part of this company and what it represents. My daughter looks forward to every lesson.”

— Joanna M. (American Natural Body Building Champ)

By being trained by Jersey's top vocal coach, Jody Joseph, & her team of extremely talented musicians, the past 4 years have guided Angelina to some big victories in the competition circuit. She also performs live with the Jody Joseph Band as a guest performer. Angelina has also been under contract with a few major production companies, has filmed an upcoming major film as an extra & is also is waiting for casting call on a bigger part in another film. Currently Angelina, "Bella", has been traveling around the country singing the National Anthem & God Bless America for a few major MLB teams. We love Jody and her team! ”

— Vinny T. (see videos of Angelina Bella on right)

When I was 11 years old I first started with Jody, from writing my first couple of songs, to playing some of my first ever shows in front of friends and family, Jody opened me up to a whole new world of music I didn't think possible. Currently, I've been getting into country music, and recently released my first original country song titled 'Come Through' with the help of Nick Ryan Piescor, and Jody's awesome team. I can't thank Jody enough for giving me the courage to pursue music as a career; I'm forever grateful.”

— Gary Frost (recording artist-see video right)

It’s hard to put into words what taking lessons with Jody has given me. Since I was 8 years old, Jody has been a teacher, friend, role model, and mentor to me.  I was coached for various auditions and performances, and was given the opportunity to perform at countless shows and concerts all over New Jersey. Most importantly, Jody taught me the power of music.  Jody taught me how to use music as a healing mechanism by introducing me to songwriting when I was 15, and since then I’ve fallen in love with the ability to write and produce my own music. Jody goes above and beyond to share her passion for music with me and all of her students and I consider myself blessed to know her. -Katy D.

My daughter, Nicolette has been taking singing lessons with Jody Joseph for a few years now. Jody is more than a teacher to Nicolette, she is a mentor and a friend. Nicolette is comfortable with Jody and absolutely loves going to lessons, she has improved in her singing and confidence. Thank you Jody!”

— Tina Marie C. (see videos on right)

How Heartstrings Has Helped Heal Me 

To truly express what Heartstrings as a whole, and what Jody has done for me, is actually quite impossible. I have been going to Jody for voice and guitar lessons since I was about eleven, and now I am seventeen years old. She has become like family to me. About two years ago, my dad was laid off from the job he had been working for his whole life. It was devastating. It felt as if my world had flipped upside down. There was now an emotional, as well as a financial burden on my heart. I wasn’t sure what my future was going to look like anymore, and it scared me. I distinctly remember going to Jody to tell her about my situation and the drastic change that had taken place. I remember telling her that I didn’t think taking these lessons that I have grown so attached to, around people like Jody who have always truly cared for me, was possible for me any longer. Immediately, within seconds, she shut down my sense of panic. Jody told me that she would never take that away from me, no matter what. She knew how much of an influence music was in my life and explained that music positively heals, something I would need to do for a while. At first, Jody carried me on her own, which is something I can never thank her enough for. Then, I was able to be put under Heartstrings. This organization has changed my world and has only allowed my love for music to blossom in these stressful times. I don’t know where I would have ended up without it, I really don’t. Music became my outlet through the hard times by being able to talk about my sadness through lyrics and heal through sound. The kindness of Jody and Heartstrings has allowed me to have consistency in such inconsistent times, forever changing the life of a kid who thought that they had lost the thing they loved most, music. 

-Lauren G

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Students are also invited to perform in front of their peers and families, on a large stage, under the lights, and with the technical support of stage crews and other helpful members of the extended family. The annual student show usually takes place in December, with a benefit theme, giving students the chance to give back to the community. The show is held at a large venue such as The Stone Pony or the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park NJ. The most recent show drew over 600 in attendance. The media and talent scouts are invited to these shows.