Jody and her instructors not only encourage her students to excel at their craft, but are a part of cultivating her students’ talents and encourage them to go beyond any limits or boundaries that they may have pre-set for themselves. By expanding their boundaries, students come away from vocal instruction with renewed self-esteem and heightened creative inspiration. They will be equipped with strong foundations and principles that they will own and be able to utilize as the backbone to every future endeavor they seek in their personal and professional lives as singers and performers.

Johnna "Jo" Orrico- Junior Teacher/ Head of Musical Theater Performance

Johnna Marie ( Johnna Orrico) has been singing and performing since the age of 7. Her earliest memories of holding a microphone date back to age five, lip-syncing to Leanne Rhimes in her family’s living room. “I never knew the journey I would be taking with music when I was younger-but I always knew I would have this one thing by my side.” 

Johnna’s passion for music was only to grow more as she began working with award winning Vocal Coach and New Jersey legend, Jody Joseph (Bongiovi). From the ages 7-18, Johnna took music on a ride that would only shape her to become the artist she is today.

Today, she has sang at famed venues such as The Stone Pony, The Paramount Theater and the MET (in her college years). She has recorded with local New Jersey artists on EP after EP, and in 2014 sold out her "Storytellers Series" headliner at. She has been in over 20+ musical theater performances, directed theater productions and has been a part of 2 film productions. 


"I am so look forward to getting our DRAMA on here at JJM!"

Nick Ryan Piescor- Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Instructor, and Producer

Nick Ryan Piescor is from Red Bank, New Jersey. He grew up listening to the classic rock and roll that sounded from his father's radio and was greatly inspired from it musically, and you can hear a bit of it in every note he plays. Piescor gets a second wind of inspiration quite often, and his musical tastes also range from good old blues, to jazz, to even modern top 40. He is currently performing, teaching, and producing at JJM.

Nick is currently the lead guitar player and backing vocalist of the Taylor Tote Band, and also working on his own solo career. He began teaching guitar, piano, and vocals in 2015 alongside his old instructor Jody Joseph, and is also currently working at JJM as an instructor. He enjoys mentoring very much and sharing his passion for music with his students. He has also been frequently working in the studio and has produced six up-and-coming artists in the past year.