Jody Joseph Music LLC

Jody Joseph, a vocal instructor and artist developer, cultivates her students’ inner talent, and encourages them to be creative by using a cross-training technique which includes musical instruments, songwriting, and singing.

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You may also contact the studio at 732-544-8513.

Jody Joseph Music, LLC was founded in 1995 as Jody Joseph Vocal Techniques by the namesake herself, and has blossomed into a full-time studio that caters to the needs of the up and coming vocal student of today.

Joseph operates her teaching studio with consistent and unique principles of vocal instruction, and incorporates performance techniques, beginner piano and intermediate guitar, and songwriting workshops into her repertoire.

Students of Jody Joseph Music LLC get the full array of experiences within the scope of the vocal lesson, not in extra classes, and the students get to test their mettle in student shows, once they’ve studied with her long enough to grasp elemental concepts. Students have the chance to perform at local venues with The Jody Joseph Band, and are given the opportunity to gain the confidence and experience they need.

Students are also invited to perform in front of their peers and families, on a large stage, under the lights and with the technical support of stage crews and other helpful members of the extended family. The annual student show usually takes place in December, with a benefit theme, giving students the chance to give back to the community. The show is held at a large venue such as The Stone Pony or the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park NJ. The most recent show drew over 600 in attendance. The media and talent scouts are invited to these shows.

Jody Joseph is proud to note that she was the first vocal coach for, Jacquie Lee, the runner up on “The Voice” in 2014. Jacquie’s first performance was at the Jody’s Christmas Concert at Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ.

Students of Jody Joseph Music LLC will:

    1. Learn the proper techniques for singing
    2. Learn basic music theory
    3. Increase self-confidence & self-image
    4. Develop stage presence
    5. Learn microphone technique
    6. Learn songwriting
    7. Study intermediate guitar or beginner piano
    8. Gain confidence to perform at local venues
    9. Perform with The Jody Joseph Band, backing them up in smaller venues and a large scale show

Joseph not only encourages her students to excel at their craft, but cultivates her students’ talents and encourages them to go beyond any limits or boundaries that they may have pre-set for themselves. By expanding their boundaries, students come away from vocal instruction with renewed self-esteem, heightened creative inspiration, and with strong foundations and principles that they will own and be able to utilize as the backbone to every future endeavor they seek in their personal and professional lives as singers and performers.