On My Way Home EP

Release Date: 2010

This is Jody’s latest work, a five-song EP that boasts inspirational lyrics and incredible melodies.


There have been times, over the years of her song-writing journey, when Jody Joseph had a very strong desire to have, what she likes to call, “Conversations with God.” She didn’t even know this until it was brought to her attention by others. The true blessing is when Joseph sees other people who are in pain and suffering, relate to her songs. She is hopeful that her music brought them some healing and comfort. As she has said over the years, “Sometimes it is the only way that I am praying.”

Track List

  • Alive
  • By Grace Alone
  • Keeper of Forgiveness
  • On My Way Home
  • Held

Live at The Stone Pony

Release Date: 2008

The Jody Joseph Band was featured on FM105.7 The Hawk Radio (Ocean County NJ) in a live performance at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, and subsequently released their third CD, taken from that concert, “Live at the Stone Pony,” in October 2008.

Jody is very excited about the twists and turns that her career has taken. She has rocked tons of shows throughout the years, but this bootleg live CD from her 2008 show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ is a perfect culmination of her essence.

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Track List

1. Intro – Goodbye Song
2. Cute
3. Anyway
4. Little Gods
5. By Grace Alone
6. Piece of My Heart
7. Mr. Beautiful
8a. Oncoming Train
8b. Flame Burnin’ Blue
9.  Everything Changes
10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
11. Ball and Chain
12. Give Me One Reason
13. Rules of Love

The Only Way Out Is Through

Release Date: 2000

These songs are bluesy ballads, cranked-up, soulful rockers, and spiritual songs with an attitude, with devilishly clever lyrics and wide-open heart and soul.


Her album, “The Only Way Out is Through,” features standout session players under the advice and guidance of Scott Welch (Alanis Morrisette), who saw the talent and took on the managerial role to help Joseph develop her craft. All of the songs were either co-written or fully written by Joseph, and produced by Dan Grigsby. Joseph and her band had the opportunity to play with some impressive national act openers and showcase shows in New York City and Atlantic City during the past 10 years. The band’s schedule is extensive, including community concerts, fundraisers and private events.

Track List

  • Rules of Love
  • Oncoming Train
  • Everything Changes
  • That’s So Me
  • Safe Under Me
  • Heaven
  • Sweetest Addiction
  • Cute
  • Place In My Heart
  • Fall From Grace
  • The Veil
  • Candle to the Truth

Long Way Home Single